Zoe Bysfield 

oe inspired me like no other. Such an amazingly beautiful woman, and yet she put ALL of her pain and suffering out there for us to see. It is hard to hide from the truth when such a brave woman presents it in such an overwhelmingly powerful way. She shared her pain, her torture, and her will to fight against the odds. She made sure I got a good long look at the “treatment options” of western Medicine. Chemo-Radiation-Mutilation… Sound a lot more like Warfare than treatment. She agreed to EVERYTHING they threw at her because she wanted to be there to watch her sons grow up. This infuriates me like nothing else. I KNOW THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!!


Zoe Babe, you inspired me to start ImmunoCure.and I promise you I will do everything in my power to make sure other mothers are there to watch their littles grow up.


Love You Always

You Shall Never Be Forgotten!!!