Demand Reliable Neutralizing Antibody Testing



Demand Reliable Neutralizing Antibody Testing

The ImmunoCure Foundation is not currently offering reliable neutralizing antibody testing. As far as we know it is not readily available to anyone who does not request a reliable neutralizing antibody test.  Unfortunately the ImmunoCure Foundation is just launching our campaign to build our first laboratory, if we were up and running we would be doing everything in our power to shut down this Pandemic! 

Neutralizing antibody tests such as GenScripts cPass*** are simple and straight forward tests for any laboratory personnel.  Request your whole blood sample to be exposed to the SARS-Cov-2 proteins (step 1) and placed on a rocker overnight, this is referred to as in vitro (in the glass or in the lab).  An overnight exposure of your blood cells to the coronavirus proteins should allow your memory B cells time to begin releasing antibodies to the Coronavirus proteins if you have immunity.*  The following day the laboratory will spin the whole blood, and test the plasma for antibodies.   Testing  plasma without allowing time for memory B cells to encounter the viral proteins and release antibodies  into your plasma will increase the chances of a false negative.* 

The 2nd step of a neutralizing antibody test is to add the individual’s sample to a testing plate coated with the ACE-2 host cell docking proteins.  If the viral proteins are able to dock onto the ACE-2 host cell proteins then the person is not immune.   If the viral proteins are blocked from docking onto the ACE-2 docking proteins then the individual already has immunity.*  

I believe people have a right to easily accessible assessment of their current immune status.  There is NO scientific reason why reliable neutralizing antibody testing cannot be made available to each and every person.  Widespread reliable neutralizing antibody testing will allow healthcare workers to assess individuals of all ages and occupations,  decreasing fear, decreasing vaccination demands, while simultaneously tracking herd immunity.   The only reasons for not promoting widespread reliable neutralizing antibody testing is it will decrease the need for vaccines while increasing pandemic recovery, both hurting the profits of the Pharmaceutical industry.


Currently the powers controlling the pandemic response are not promoting assessing individual’s immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the current state of herd immunity.  It is up to The People to learn what is scientifically possible and to Demand every avenue to shutting down this Pandemic is explored to the fullest.  The ImmunoCure Foundation is not selling anything.   ImmunoCure is offering these educational videos to the public hoping the more people know about what is possible the more they will demand the best healthcare 21st Century Science has to offer to end this Pandemic.   

Please share these videos, learn what is possible and demand 21st century science / healthcare to end this Pandemic!


An individual develops immunity by either recovering from a viral infection, or through vaccination.  The first time a virus is encountered the immune system must process the viral proteins and launch a response, this takes time.  Upon re-exposure to a virus the immune system is prepared.  The immune system has produced Memory B Cells or Plasma Cells capable of rapidly producing antibodies specific for the virus.   Polio memory cells produce antibodies specific for the Polio virus.

Most antibody tests quantitate the current amount of antibodies in an individual’s  blood.  However, true immunity is the ability to produce antibodies upon re-exposure.  It is believed a memory cell will produce ~2000 antibodies per second once triggered to become an antibody secreting cell.  Your body will not exert this type of energy unless it is re-exposed to the viral threat.  A Reliable antibody test will expose the whole blood or PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells-  aka – White blood cells) to the SARS-CoV-2 proteins in vitro (in the lab) allowing time for the memory B cells respond by secreting antibodies.  THEN quantitate the amount of antibodies present in the plasma.*  Trained laboratory personnel placing whole blood on a rocker overnight (8-24hrs)** after inoculating with the viral proteins will allow memory B cells time to release antibodies, thus increasing the reliability of the tests.  An individual can be immune having recovered from an infection, or possibly never even knowing they were exposed to the virus, and yet NOT have antibodies present at detectable levels until the viral proteins are re-encountered.


Neutralizing antibodies test go the extra mile.  Instead of just quantitating the amount of antibody present they assess the ability of the antibodies to block a viral infection.

Currently there is only ONE neutralizing antibody assay with FDA- EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), GenScript’s cPASS***   ***

A neutralizing antibody test works with two proteins in a two phase system.  The SARS-CoV-2 viral protein AND the ACE-2  host docking proteins.  The patient’s blood sample is exposed to the viral SARS-CoV-2 proteins allowing antibodies (Y) time to bind to the viral proteins.   Then the sample is added to ACE-2 docking proteins.  These are the proteins on the host cell the virus docks to before unloading its genetic material into the host.  If the antibodies block the viral proteins from docking onto the ACE-2 proteins then the individual is immune and DOES NOT NEED TO BE VACCINATED!*   If the viral proteins are able to bind onto the docking proteins then the person is NOT immune.

Antibody Testing

Antibodies are Y shaped proteins specific for an antigen, such as a viral protein.   Once a person’s immune system is exposed to a foreign pathogen, such as a virus, it will develop memory cells capable of responding quickly to this threat in the future by releasing specific antibodies.  High false negative antibody testing is common because after the threat has been neutralized the immune system no longer produces antibodies, the blood does not have antibodies, and therefore a negative antibody test results.   Yet a person has immunity if they are capable of producing neutralizing antibodies.   Memory cells get turned on when the threat returns and they become Antibody Secreting Cells.   So determining the amount of antibodies present is different from determining the ability to produce neutralizing antibodies quickly..   aka   Immunity!



* These statements are not approved by the FDA.  Why they are not approved by the FDA or why the data is not readily available to the public is another matter all together!

** The time it takes for Coronavirus memory B cells to release antibodies will vary based on the viral strain, the individual, and the sensitivity of the antibody test being used.  Assessing an average time for Coronavirus memory cells to become antibody secreting cells is a simple experiment and hopefully some of the trillions of taxpayer dollars supporting this Pandemic will be utilized to provide this information to laboratories throughout the USA and the world.

*** The ImmunoCure Foundation has nothing to do with GenScript or their antibody test, it is just the only neutralizing antibody test currently available with FDA-EUA. ImmunoCure simply wants to arm people with as much information as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this NOT being reported by the networks and the press?

I hate being asked questions like this.  I cannot answer this question any better than you can.   I can only guess it has to do with Money-Power and the advertising dollars Big Pharma gives to networks.  But I am truly at a loss as to why this pandemic has continued without utilizing 21st century science.  This frustration is why I have decide to launch the ImmunoCure Foundation by producing educational material empowering people to take charge of their healthcare.

If adding SARS-CoV-2 proteins to whole blood from immune people releases antibodies why can’t they do this to supply “plasma antibodies” for those suffering from the virus?

Great question!  In the lab we are able to get cells to produce antibodies, so why are “they” only harvesting antibodies from the plasma of recently recovered Covid-19 patients?  I do not know of any scientific reason for not producing enough antibodies to supply current Covid-19 patients to speed up their recovery.

How long does immunity against the Coronavirus last?

Another fantastic question, and it is easily answered with science.  Unfortunately for some unknown reason this data is not readily available.  It is simple, after a patient recovers from Covid-19 the hospital asks if they will participate in a study where they have their blood tested every few weeks to see if they are still immune.  Blood can be tested against viral proteins, vaccines, and the Coronavirus itself.  PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) from these test subjects can be sent to BiohazardIII or IV labs (USAMRIID- CDC- etc) and tested to see if they are immune to any new variants as well.  The data from tens of thousands of individuals will be analyzed and we get a very clear picture of how long the average person is immune to this virus and an idea of how dangerous the new variants are.… So simple and yet…???

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