Immunosuppressants and COVID-19



As the Founder and Chief Scientist of The ImmunoCure Foundation, I feel it is important I try to be heard.

This entire pandemic situation including the death rate is out of control, and not because of the Coronavirus itself. The response has been nothing more than a disaster from day one. There were two previous coronavirus outbreaks, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and MERS is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Back in December when rumors of another Coronavirus in China surfaced, there should have been officials learning everything there is to know about this virus. Somehow, this did not occur and the results are catastrophic. As of today, 4/4/20, headlines say New Orleans has the worst death rate from the Coronavirus.   

The two previous Coronavirus outbreaks taught those of us willing to review the scientific publications much about why the virus is so deadly. 

They determined the high death rate was due to a secondary problem with this virus. Similar to an annual flu outbreak, the elderly and immunocompromised patients have a higher fatality rate. We deal with and expect a set of the population will not survive the flu. However it does not tax our Healthcare system, shut down our economy, and place us on quarantine. The difference with a Coronavirus is the proteins on the surface can cause an overzealous immune response in a small subset of the population. The body of these individuals’ responses is similar to having an organ transplant, but yet there are numerous immunomodulating drugs currently on the market to prevent organ rejection.

I have written a couple of reviews of scientific publications on the founders blog found on our website,, over Acute Respiratory Syndrome and on the previous Coronavirus outbreaks. The data is overwhelming that the cause for the increased fatality rate is due to over-expression of immune cells (neutrophils etc), immune cytokines (IL-1B. IL-6, IL-17, etc), and various chemokines (TNF-B etc). The body of these individuals is trying so hard to rid itself of this virus it is actually killing itself. An immune system out of balance floods the lungs with neutrophils, which in turn increases cytokines, causing a cascade of events resulting in the lungs filling with fluids, inflammation, and then fibrosis sets in. This is the response that is causing the high fatality rate and taxing our healthcare system by requiring a large number of ventilators.  

The answer is a simple one, immunosuppressants like Rapamycin, or IL-6 inhibitors can shut this response down almost instantaneously. The exact course of treatment should be determined by collecting data on the patient’s blood plasma and determining the best course of action. We may find one drug such as Rapamycin can eliminate this lung inflammation in virtually all COVID-19 patients with an excess response and get these patients breathing again. Or we may find it to be more complicated, possibly due to genetics and we need to customize the treatment per patient. 

Let me be clear, immunosuppressants should only be used for the patients having the excessive immune response and are unable to breathe. They will not be a cure for COVID-19. The immune response will still have to rid the body of the virus, these drugs will just knock the response back so the patients can breathe and survive. Most people who get COVID-19 will recover similar to the annual flu, while others will not even get sick. It would be very foolish for anyone to take an immunosuppressant thinking this will prevent them from getting COVID-19, because it will not. Taking an immunosuppressant might even prove detrimental to someone as they will now be immunocompromised.  

Please, I am at the point of begging people to listen to me to get this information out there. We can lower the fatality rate of this pandemic if we successfully treat the subset of people having an intense response to the virus with immunosuppressants.


Love Health Abundance

Linda Steele

Founder & Chief Scientist – ImmunoCure Foundation

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